Spousal Support For Divorcing San Diego-Area Couples

Here in California, spousal support is not guaranteed. If you have questions about whether you will receive or have to pay spousal support, contact an attorney like me, David Schwartz, who knows the law and has the experience to provide you with the right advice.During a consultation at my office in Rancho Bernardo, California, I can help you consider the factors that a family judge will consider when determining if you or your spouse are entitled to support. I will draw from my more than 15 years of legal experience to help properly set your expectations.It is important to remember that if you and your spouse can reach an agreement before a trial, you will likely be more satisfied with the result than if you go through a lengthy and costly trial only to end up paying far more or receiving much less than you desired.

What A California Judge Will Consider When Awarding Spousal Support

Some of things a judge will take into consideration when determining spousal support are:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Marketable job skills of supported spouse
  • How long one spousal was out of the job market
  • Supporting spouse’s ability to pay support
  • The marital standard of living
  • The length of the marriage

Spousal support is need-based in California, which means that if both you and your spouse worked during the marriage and there was not much difference between your incomes, a judge may not be inclined to award anything.

As your lawyer, I will protect your rights. If you cannot reach a settlement with your spouse, then I will be well prepared to aggressively argue on your behalf in court.Contact the Law Office of David M. Schwartz at 858-207-4722 if you have questions about spousal support.