Property Division Lawyer In North San Diego

Dividing assets and debt in a divorce can become a complicated process even though California is what is known as a “community property” state. For this reason, individuals in Rancho Bernardo, California, and beyond have turned to me, David Schwartz, an experienced family law attorney, for assistance.

Making Sense Of The Complicated Asset Division Process In California

Community property law in California dictates that the community property estate is to be divided equally. Since those assets are usually not just money, the division process requires skilled legal representation to reach an agreement that protects your interests and achieves your goals.

One of the most important things to remember is that before a trial, you and your spouse are in control of the process. If you can reach a settlement that you both find agreeable, the outcome will likely be better for you than if you put control in the hands of a family law judge.

When assets such as real estate properties, cars and other valuable items are at stake, many times the couple will agree to sell most of the assets and split the proceeds. As your lawyer, I will listen to your concerns and goals and create a legal strategy that meets your unique needs.

Protecting You From A Spouse Who Is Concealing Assets

Many times couples simply cannot come to an agreement on who gets what. If a trial is necessary, I will use the discovery process to your advantage to find out if your spouse was concealing marital assets. This can happen if one spouse was in control of finances.

To find out more about California’s property division process, contact my law firm, the Law Office of David M. Schwartz, at 858-207-4722 to schedule a free consultation.