Attorney Helping Parents Reach Child Custody And Visitation Agreements

Most parents will likely tell you that determining child custody is the most difficult part of a divorce. My name is David Schwartz, and I am a family law attorney in Rancho Bernardo, California, with more than a decade of experience helping parents reach agreements that benefit both them and their children in the long run.

How California Defines Child Custody

Here in California, there are two different categories of child custody:

  • Legal custody determines who makes the decisions for the child about health care, education, religion and other lifestyle choices. In most cases, a court will grant joint legal custody to the parents.
  • Physical custody determines who the child will spend the majority of his or her time living with. Either the parents will have joint physical custody, or one parent will have primary physical custody and the other parent will have visitation rights.

I pride myself on being a lawyer who provides practical legal advice to all of my clients. I understand how emotional a divorce can be. It is important to know, however, family law judges must rule in “the best interest” of the child, meaning time with both parents will likely be preserved, unless there are unusual circumstances.

The Benefits Of Reaching A Child Custody Agreement With Your Spouse

Consider the benefits for your child of agreeing with your spouse on a shared parenting plan. Being able to find common ground now will help you in the future, and it will help your child adjust to his or her new life if he or she can see that the parents are still able to get along.

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