Rapper Rick Ross Balks At $20,000-A-Month Child Support Demand

Many custodial arents in California would appreciate the $2,800 a month the mother of Rick Ross’ son already receives for child support. The mother of the 10-year-old boy has now filed court papers requesting that the rap artist increase his monthly support payments to $20,000.

The woman claims that Ross has substantial assets and should pay more. She alleged that the rapper had recently purchased a $6 million mansion. According to court documents filed in response to her lawsuit, Ross called her claims “frivolous and baseless.” He also accused her of undermining his relationship with his son. His response asserted that she prevented the father from seeing the boy. He added that the mother had not taken a job to help support her son.

After citing the woman’s alleged attempts to alienate the boy from his father, Ross’ filing requested that the court dismiss her request for additional child support. He also asked that the court hold her responsible for his court fees.

Going to court for a child support modification typically requires that a claimant document a change in circumstances to justify the request. This action could be done by either the payor or payee. A parent who needs to alter a child support arrangement because of a change in finances could ask an attorney who has experience in these types of family law matters to prepare the required motion and then submit it to the court. An attorney could also advise the parent about the laws and financial formulas that often guide the decisions of family court judges.