NBA Star Asked To Increase Child Support Payments

After having received $6,000 in monthly child support payments, Feby Torres has taken legal action to pursue higher support payments from the father of her two children. Torres filed a new request for payments of $12,000 each month from Lance Stephenson, a California resident and Los Angeles Clippers player who is the children’s father. Stephenson and his attorney have criticized the request as egregious in light of Torres’ spending habits. The star athlete’s lawyer claimed that Torres’ financial records illustrate that she has been able to put some of the court-ordered child support payments in a savings account for herself.

The mother of the children claims that she needs the extra funds to move out of a Brooklyn neighborhood that she deems unsafe for her children. She cites an incident in which there were gunshots near her daughter’s bedroom. She also claims that her young children would require additional support payments for child care so she can return to school.

After dropping out of school more than one year before her new request, Torres claims she has been unable to find a job in order to provide for her children. Stephenson has expressed a willingness to pay for his children’s needs, but noted that Torres has been able to pay for child care in order to work in music videos under the current child support arrangement. He is expected to appear in court to testify in 2016.

Child support arrangements can lead to significant disputes between parents. If one parent is a celebrity or earns significantly more than the other, child support payments can become even more complicated than usual. A family law attorney can often provide assistance to a noncustodial parent in negotiating an appropriate amount that is in the child’s best interests.