Financial Betrayal Is A Top Indicator For Divorce

According to a recently-conducted survey, the main indicator for divorce is financial betrayal, and many spouses are oblivious to it. Financial infidelity occurs when one spouse hides financial information from the other. Some California spouses could be financial cheaters and not even know it.

Researchers interviewed 843 people over the phone about the financial situation in their relationship and discovered that hiding bank accounts occurs more frequently than believed. The survey revealed that 6 percent of individuals hide bank accounts from their partners or spouses. Additionally, about 20 percent of people who are in relationships have spent at least $500 without telling their partners.

The Wall Street Journal reports that people tend to spend money in ways that prevent their partners or spouses from finding out. One way is paying in cash that they have put back over long periods of time after withdrawing money from different ATMs. Another way is concealing gift cards just so that they get to spend the money on themselves. Many financial cheaters deny spending money in secret when their partners or spouses ask them about it. According to another survey, 64 percent of men hide purchases or tear up receipts to avoid their spouses finding out and to avoid an argument about finances.

This is not the first time that financial issues have been highlighted as indicators of divorce. A study published in 2013 from a researcher at Kansas State University discovered that people who fight about money during the early stages of their relationship are more likely to get a divorce.

Other reasons that marriages come to an end include extramarital affairs and arguments about children or in-laws. No matter the cause, many divorcing spouses choose to seek the advice and counsel of family law attorneys with respect to the various divorce legal issues that will arise.