Actor Gary Oldman’s Divorce From 4th Wife Finalized

California movie fans may have heard that a Los Angeles Superior Court judge finalized Gary Oldman’s divorce from his wife, singer Alexandra Edenborough, in September. The actor was married to his wife in 2008 and separated from her in mid-2014. Ms. Edenborough had filed for divorce in January 2015.

As part of the settlement, Oldman agreed to pay his fourth wife $3.3 million along with some other assets. Oldman was reportedly allowed to keep two homes and several vehicles that were purchased during their marriage. Additionally, both Oldman and his ex-wife retained rights to their separate ventures as per the settlement.

The divorce process can be very complicated in community property states like California, especially when there are a large number of assets that were obtained during the marriage to divide up. In some cases, the assets may be wanted by both parties or one party simply does not want the other party to end up with those particular assets. Depending on whether or not the two parties can work together, mediation may be very helpful for coming to a settlement that both parties may be happy with.

If the two parties cannot come together to agree on a settlement and are not in favor of trying the mediation process, a family law attorney may help a client with the negotiations so the divorce can be finalized more quickly. Legal counsel can also potentially assist the client with ensuring that the other spouse is not trying to hide marital assets in an attempt to prevent the client from obtaining a fair amount of the assets that were obtained while both parties were still married.