Spousal And Partner Support A Difficult Legal Issue

In certain situations, California courts order the payment of spousal support, known as partner support in domestic partnerships. Sometimes referred to as alimony, spousal support payments can be ordered only in certain legal situations with the amount of support determined by the judge.

A request for spousal or partner support can be made as part of a divorce or legal separation or as part of a request for a restraining order against a current or former partner or spouse. A judge may order payment of temporary spousal or partner support during the legal proceedings and may order permanent spousal or partner support as part of a final divorce or separation decree.

The amount of temporary spousal support is generally determined by a formula. The courts in each county have established their own formulas. For permanent spousal or partner support, the judge is required to consider a set of factors listed in state law. These factors include the length of the marriage or domestic partnership, the needs of each individual, the earning capacity of each individual, debts and assets, whether one partner helped support the other partner while working on a degree or professional license and whether the marriage or domestic partnership was affected by domestic violence.

Spousal and partner support is such a complex issue that the California courts recommend that an individual seeking support payments consult a lawyer or a family law facilitator for the particular court. A private attorney or family law facilitator may be able to explain how spousal or partner support is calculated and how long the payments may last. He or she may also be able to help the individual seeking support to complete the forms that are required in order to request spousal or partner support.