Creating A Parenting Plan In California

One of the most important aspects of divorce is agreeing upon a plan for minor children. The plan should provide consistency and be determined based on the needs of the children. When the details are agreed upon, documented and signed by both parents and the judge, the plan will be filed with the court system to become a court order.

Elements of the parenting plan, or custody and visitation agreement, should include a schedule detailing when the children will be with each parent and specifics regarding how decisions affecting the children will be managed. Routine is a critical component of any parenting plan. Current childcare situations should be considered to avoid unnecessary change, and younger children may need more frequent visitation because their concept of time is generally different from teens’ concept of time.

Parents who are active in their children’s lives and work to agree on custody and visitation make the transitions easier on the children. The courts will put the safety and best interests of the children above all other details. If there are any abuse or addiction issues related to either parent, the plan should have elements in place specifying any limitations as well as any necessary treatments that will benefit the parent-child relationship.

Laws for custody, visitation and child support vary from state to state. Proper documentation and filing are critical to ensure the best possible outcome for the children. California provides a parenting plan outline and additional forms to help parents make the best decisions regarding their children. A family law lawyer can ensure that all necessary documents are completed in the proper manner and that no important details are overlooked.