Avoiding Adoption Fraud

Some California couples choose to enlarge their family through adoption. Prospective parents are expected to do their due diligence, as the field of adoption is not immune to acts of fraud and misrepresentation.

In fact, there are several red flags that prospective parents should be aware of when working through the process of adopting a child, according to authorities. For example, a facilitator or an agency may push potential adopters to sign documents that the adopters do not comprehend. The agency or facilitators may fail to answer specific questions or fail to return emails and phone calls from adopters. Furthermore, they may refer to the child as already belonging to the prospective adopter before the adoption is actually finalized. In some instances, adopters have reported being defrauded by adoption agencies and facilitators that did not disclose all the necessary information about the child or the process prior to the adoption.

There are also red flags for those seeking to adopt children from birth mothers. For example, a birth mother may refuse to meet with a lawyer or adoption agency, refuse to give out a phone number or fail to show proof that she is pregnant. There are cases in which adopters report being scammed by birth mothers.

Prospective adopters can avoid adoption fraud by identifying these and other red flags. Authorities say that prospective adopters should always research the agency or facilitator with which they plan to work. Moreover, potential adopters may benefit from speaking to an adoption attorney.

In this way, prospective adopters may be apprised of their rights as adoptive parents. In addition, a family law attorney may help ensure that the adoption process is being done legally and without causes for concern.